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The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything is here!

And it's a winner!

(See the Certificate here)

The Winner's label - Ashton Wylie Book Award 2012, won by The God Franchise

December 2012: Latest News!!! Two new e-books available on Kindle.

  • Firstly The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything in its entirety.

  • Secondly The God Franchise: Tweet by Tweet - Volume One which is an inexpensive (US$0.99) e-book of the collected tweets I made as a serial of The God Franchise, covering Chapter 1 through Chapter 12 of this book. These tweets were posted from March to September 2012 and faithfully keep within the 140 character limit. Certainly a different way to view The God Franchise.

The paperback edition is still readily available.


The God Franchise is a spiritual, non-fiction book. It offers you a view of God probably unlike any you have read or contemplated before. The book is positive and life-affirming. It is energetic and interesting. It is readable and fascinating.

The God Franchise uncovers the true purpose of the universe, and the meaning of life. You find out why things are as they are in the world (universe) today, and why everything is absolutely perfect as it is.

The book is practical in that you can easily live within the principles it unfolds. The principles are easy to understand, and when you've got it, you've really got it. (Part Four: Daily Living as a God Franchisee). As the book cover says, "It is a practical book in many ways, yet, if you so choose, you don't need to do a thing. But you will never be the same again..."

Yes, you are a God Franchisee whether you like it or not. It is worthwhile discovering what this means so you can make the best of it. You have free will. The God Franchise addresses what you usually do – and what you can do – with your free will.

The book embraces what science has discovered, affirming that Man is slowly discovering the vast beauty and intelligence of the universe around us, and that this does not imply that God is redundant. It rises to the challenge of Stephen Hawking's description of a scientific model, and "makes detailed predictions about future observations that can disprove or falsify the model if they are not borne out." (Part Five: Reaching a Conclusion).

In The God Franchise you will discover who you are – who you really are, and why you may think that you are less than that. The God Franchise faces up to the Ego, and stares it down... Together we uncover the role that beliefs play in the understanding of God.

We look at the question of whether God exists or not, and cover the major arguments from both points of view. The book concludes that atheists have been disproving the wrong God... (Part One: Does God Really Exist?).

The God Franchise also describes God's Laws, including the Law of Manifestation (aka The Law of Attraction or The Secret), and offers a detailed methodology to work with it.

While it does not present a religious view, The God Franchise can be reconciled to the views of the major religions, as you will see on reading it. (Part Three: Comparing Our Beliefs).

What is The God Franchise?

What it is and why God took this approach to creating and working with the universe is described in detail. (Part Two: What is The God Franchise?).

The God Franchise truly is a Theory of Everything!

The God Franchise - winner of The Ashton Wylie Book Award 2012

Winner of the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Award 2012

( The major Mind-Body-Spirit Book Award in New Zealand)

"What a mammoth book you have! I think you really have something significant here" Judith Sansweet

"I really love the heartfelt truth that flows from you in the book" Sharon Turton

"What a work! It is readable, it is personal, it is clear, it invites the reader to consider different aspects of life without disagreeing with them, and it entices the reader to a wider understanding of life." Annette Burrell

"I left a review with Google Books and the Book Depository and they only had 5 stars, I could have given your book another star or two." Mark Butler

"I read it one week ago! Loved it! Can I get a signed copy from you?" Erin Hudson

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