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About the Author



Alan H. Dawe is a writer of non-fiction. That sounds grand, especially as The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything is my first full-length book. Nevertheless, I have been writing a book on and off since 2003. When I returned home from a spiritual pilgrimage to India (3 weeks over Christmas 2009/New Year 2010), I asked myself what I was going to do with my life now, and determined that it was time to finish my book. I started writing again, with fresh inspiration. After six months, when good progress was being made, I realised the book I was writing needed to be set aside, as I needed to write and publish The God Franchise first.

The God Franchise is the foundation work upon which my future books will be based. It was completed in March 2011. I entered it into the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Unpublished Manuscript Awards 2011 and was very pleased for it to be judged a finalist. With a bit of revision and editing The God Franchise published book has taken the top prize in the 2012 Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Award.

So who am I? This big question, which many of us might consider at some stage in our lives, is of course one of the subjects of The God Franchise. Putting that aside for the moment, I can say that I was born in England, was educated and worked in South Africa, and then moved to Auckland, New Zealand, with my young family in 1982. Auckland was home until January 2017, when I moved to Lower Hutt, near Wellington. Adding up that passage of time makes me seem quite old, but this has given me enough experience of life, and enough time to ponder the deeper things of life, to bring me to a state of being able to consider tackling a theory of everything, a book on God, the universe and life as we know it.

What more can I say, except that I am thrilled with the way The God Franchise has turned out. It looks good and feels good. I have had a wonderful response from people and the buyers in bookshops when I have shown it to them. Likewise, all who have read it have given me very positive comments.

If I say so myself, The God Franchise is a very special book.

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