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What readers are saying...

“I really love the heartfelt truth that flows from you in the book.”
Sharon Turton, NSW, Australia (Author of Connecting Kids with their Inner Potential)

“I really admire the way you have brought together so many different beliefs and ideas about creation, God, religions, spirituality, manifestation, universal laws, ways of looking at life and living life. What a work! It is readable, it is personal, it is clear, it invites the reader to consider different aspects of life without disagreeing with them, and it entices the reader to a wider understanding of life. I like the way you have minimised the theory with clear explanations and put in lots of practical examples, and the way you have given summaries to clarify the meaning. I love the idea of my being a God Franchisee.”
Annette Burrell
, Christchurch, NZ (Journey Practitioner and Teacher)

“Alan H. Dawe wants to find God. ... He writes with conviction and total sincerity, and the easy, somewhat chatty literary style should not divert the reader from the serious aspect of the subject. ... The ultimate conclusion, whilst by no means sacrilegious might be contentious. It is carefully and logically drawn, and should lead the reader to do some particularly reflective and deep personal thinking.”
Mary Rhodes
, MA(Ed), Somerset, UK

“[The God Franchise] is a good read, very accessible and positive, despite dealing with heavy and complex concepts. ... I certainly hope many people will read the book and gain a great deal from doing so. I enjoyed the positivity of the book and would like to think it will help many people who are looking to broaden their thinking and consider alternative explanations for who we are and how we came to be. I also hope it may encourage some people to live their lives more fully and more positively (though I note you were careful to say we always have a choice).”
Kate Whelan
, PhD, Derbyshire, UK

“What a mammoth book you have! I think you really have something significant here. It’s been a real pleasure to work on it.”
Judith Sansweet
, Copyeditor and Proofreader, Auckland, NZ

"Alan Dawe's book will appeal to believer and non believer, to the novice seeking the purpose of life and the veteran seeker alike. Alan hasn't just written a book, he has crafted it like an artist. Initially, he presents a sketch of The God Franchise and then as the reader turns the pages Alan adds colour, shade, contrast, light and perspective; he adds depth and a simplistic, stunning beauty so that as the last page is turned the reader has revealed a masterpiece. Different readers will see different aspects of the masterpiece and they will perceive them through the veils of their religious beliefs, their education, their social mores and their personal opinions and biases. However, everyone who reads this book is really looking at the same thing, and over time you will hear something, or read something that will remind you of one of the gems you read in The God Franchise and you will gravitate back and want to read it again; you will gravitate from the point within you that defies intellectual input, from the point that is wanting to push away the veils.

The second time around will seem like the first time around. It will be new again, and you will discover deeper truths, a deeper understanding so that when you finish the masterpiece will glow a little brighter as you reveal a little more. On the third reading you will take notes, or if you are like me you will underline, asterisk and use exclamation marks to highlight the parts that are important to you. With each reading a veil will thin, or the veils could be removed altogether and you will be left with the simple beauty that is everything. Quite simply, Alan is pointing to you through The God Franchise and saying, You are the masterpiece."
Mark Butler, in a public review posted to Google Books. Awarded 5 stars (*****)

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